DIVINE WARNING for CHRISTIANS & JEWS: Planet Earth is a hostile domain for James Edward Peter Reesor a.k.a Spirit of Elijah a.k.a. Lord Jesus Christ a.k.a. Holy Spirit a.k.a Father Creator of the universe a.k.a. Omnipotent Spirit a.k.a Almighty God.

Christians and Jews are the mortal enemies of fake Christians – and 99.99 percent of all other people inhabiting this planet. Ignore their deceptive words to the contrary – and expect to see hidden hate arise rather than reconciliation or peace. Threats against America and Israel will continue – as the heathen continue stealing factories, land, natural resources and government institutions. There will increasing criminal acts against a minority who remain in opposition to evil. Be alert for more destruction of homes, theft of personal property, and desecration of holy places where righteous souls worship God.

Christians and Jews must pray for divine intervention in 2013 or choose to die without a fight. Only God has the power needed at this point in history to strike a fatal blow against those who scheme to destroy His obedient children. There is no realistic "military" option for loyal souls in America or Israel to be used in wars against evil. Countless "battles" would destroy civilization. Those who serve Satan are bloodthirsty scavengers, tyrannical misfits, suicidal infidels, and demonic murderers without conscience or respect for human life. We need an act of God – or "Armageddon" should be understood as the only hope remaining.

CHRISTIANS & JEWS: If you understand the origin of human life, the purpose of human life, the destiny of human life – and how it all relates to the expanding universe, this is the time to be ready. Turn loose of this wicked world and take hold of the Kingdom of God. Every soul must repent or suffer the consequences.


Save Your Family. Save Your Country. Save Your Planet.