The Family Farm Food Project

Christian leaders, politicians, and concerned citizens are being asked to purchase my 464-page book during this unique fund-raising endeavor. Net profit from 15,000 sales will be used to operate web sites and establish the Family Farm Food Project in middle Tennessee.

My proposed experimental prototype farm will be designed to provide food for a four-generation family, a few resident neighbors and homeless guests. Fresh and/or preserved food will be made available at the onsite free barter market for visitors with something of equal value to trade.

A self-sustaining modest lifestyle will be created on the farm in a way that is compatible with natural and universal laws. Our reliance on God and “family unity” will provide incentive to use our skills and resources efficiently.

Appreciation for Truth, Love, Beauty, and Life itself will inspire us to be honest, hard working, creative and productive.

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Basic Plan Outlined Below


The Family Farm Food Project

Introduction: This project conceived by Tennessee author James Reesor is an effort to prepare for future events. Your cooperation – along with other people – is essential if “nourishing food” is needed to sustain our health when higher prices make survival more difficult.

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(1) Music City Revival Book Sales: People within each participating organization would contribute $77.77 per book. 50 online sales of the 464-page James Reesor Facebook book would add up to $3,888.50.

(A minimum of 50 people in each of 300 organizations would provide a gross of $1,166,550.00 if 15,000 books are purchased online. Estimated available funds after initial taxes/expenses: $750,000.00).

(2) Purchase Property: We will find land in middle Tennessee near Nashville with easy access to the interstate. We will require a minimum of 70 acres in a valley with trees on surrounding hills, a creek, springs or wells and sufficient flat land with workable soil. Existing rock or log buildings are preferred, but not necessary.

(3) Purchase Equipment & Supplies: Carpentry, plumbing and garden tools; solar-powered and wind-powered generators; electric and hand water pumps; small tractors and riding lawnmowers; pickup truck for general hauling; trailers, wagons, barrels, buckets, baskets and jars; garden fertilizers and portable watering system; miscellaneous plastic piping, lumber, nails, screws, bolts, seeds, etc. 

(4) Provide Four-generation Family Home, Cabins for Resident Neighbors, Ponds for Fishing & Campsites for Homeless Guests: Motor homes, travel trailers or tents might serve as dwelling places for most of us during the early phase of occupation. Cost of construction and farm operation will be held at a minimum.

(5) Erect Small Barns, Greenhouses, Storage Facilities, Disposal Huts, Free Barter Market Booths, Walkways, Parking Areas & Fences: Volunteers will be asked to contribute their skills and time in exchange for cabin/campsite “dinner bell” fellowship privileges. Tables surrounding a large pot of hot stew would feed hungry workers.

(6) Begin Greenhouse Vertical Gardening & Conventional Farming To Enable Free Barter Market Activities: Our emphasis for the first three years will be on sheep, goats, fish, chickens, eggs, onions, beans, peas, peppers, radishes, turnips, squash, broccoli, okra, zucchini, carrots, asparagus, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, cantaloupe and watermelons.   

(7) The Farm Prototype Can Be Replicated In Various Locations To Benefit People Within The Original Participating Organizations: The growth and preservation of nourishing food for hundreds of friends can be possible within months if we move forward with a common sense plan. Those among us who are hungry or homeless need an opportunity to “barter” labor and possessions for “food” during dire circumstances. Increased resources will enable us to develop innovative farming functions and expand free barter market endeavors.

Note from James Reesor: If this opportunity is ignored by those folks personally contacted, do not expect future project proposals from me. If people or organizations use these ideas without my involvement, maybe some good can be done? (My family and I could visit their free barter market farms to trade our stuff for food when times get tough?)

Just in case you or anyone else is wondering why responding in a positive way to this proposal could lead to a rare opportunity, “ideas” found in this Facebook book are more valuable than a new luxury car, a trip to Disneyland, $1000 in a bank account or a $250 campaign contribution to any politician. Also, one “soul” (including you, me, and every person on earth) has more eternal value than any farm, business, Wall Street brokerage firm or diamond mine.

Do true Christians care about doing good unto “the least of these” anymore? In other words, only compassionate, intelligent people who believe in Jesus and have love in their hearts are being encouraged to buy and read my book!

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Save Your Family. Save Your Country. Save Your Planet.