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Corruption of the American gold standard along with perverted activities of the Federal Reserve in conjunction with the United States Treasury Department has led to instability of the Stock Market, Wall Street brokerage firms, Investor portfolio’s, banks, currency and marketplace consumer trust.

The growing national debt shows no signs of being addressed by incompetent American leaders and will, presumably, reach a point in the future when default will create chaos in financial institutions. It is very unlikely that the world economy will be able to sustain itself for more than a few more months or years.

My recognition of what was described as potential future events in past decades are now a part of current reality. My “World Chaos” and “Now or Never” warnings were ignored by elitist media bigots and arrogant politicians throughout the nation. Even though Amerijericho concepts were introduced in January of 2007, lack of interest has made a new “state-of-mind nation” just an idea that has not yet been manifested.

Here we are still struggling in 2010, trying to survive within individual circumstances, wondering if the American recession will lead to more unemployment, higher taxes, hyperinflation or a devastating depression. The dollar could easily be devalued for a number of reasons that any economist can explain. If that should happen, and most people of average means are unable to buy and sell whatever is needed for survival purposes, street mobs will be making our lives very difficult. It would then be me saying to members of Congress, former President George W. Bush, and Governors in all states, “I warned you. You ignored my warnings, and now only divine intervention can help.”

Saying “I told you so” would give me no personal satisfaction at a time when havoc in government, businesses, and homes for most people is rising to uncontrollable levels. Obviously, we have not prepared ourselves to meet the challenges that threaten our very existence. However, we can pray that God will give us a second chance if we repent of sin and ask for help in turning things around before things start falling apart.

Many people who call themselves “Christians” should have been smart enough to understand the Amerijericho plans. They should have been honest enough in their relationship with Lord Jesus Christ to seek His guidance when deciding to accept or reject what I was describing as a “divine call to unity.”

Thousands of so-called “Christian leaders” – who I believed to be brothers and sisters in the family of God – proved to be enemies of mine rather than friends. They chose to reject rather than accept the chance to join Amerijericho. They chose to falsely accuse and mock me, and then share demonic suspicions with others instead of standing with me in my struggle against the wicked ways of Satan’s world systems.

As a result of a failure to communicate respectfully, thousands of Christian organizations kept the “Body of Christ” divided and we are now on the path to the prophesied final war. Time is of the essence, and yet the people who believe themselves to be Christians are lacking faith in the God they claim to serve.

Instead of people bowing down in silent humility to honor God during my proposed “July 2010 Holy Ghost Revival” as an act of repentance, the event never happened. Apparently, the “idea” of showing respect for the Almighty Father Creator was not appealing or newsworthy to those who were invited.

So, as I struggle onward in my current capacity as a Tennessee White Horse Independent gubernatorial candidate, I’m smart enough to know that winning the election would take a miracle. Just in case you are wondering, my motivation has not changed since announcing my campaign intentions on 18 May 2008:


The First Amerijericho Advisory Council Press Release
(05/18/08 12:49:03)

A New State-of-Mind Nation

Christians in every nation are invited to enter, inhabit and dominate the land/water area in America known as Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky - as either physical or spiritual residents.

This PRESS RELEASE from James Reesor is dated: 5/18/2008
Music City Revival, P.O. Box 218197, Nashville, TN 37221
(615) 646-7500

AMERIJERICHO has a land/water area totaling approximately 512,521 square miles. The creation of this new nation for Christians will begin in the hearts and minds of those who are Spiritually inspired. Management will be done by anonymous volunteers, functioning within a Advisory Council.

It is now necessary for Tennessee to begin the transition out of the past into the future. Citizens who are qualified to vote in 2010 will be able to start the process of transforming lifestyles by choosing Independent candidate James Reesor. (Please publicize this announcement): “God revealed the location of undiscovered oil, gold and diamond resources during a vision. These natural resources in Amerijericho will be used to benefit all members - only if I am elected governor and am given the opportunity to sway public opinion!”

AMERIJERICHO will have no human leader! Jesus Christ is the designated “King of kings” in the Kingdom of God - and He is the ultimate authority for people who choose to dwell in this new state-of-mind nation. James Reesor is only one “human vessel” among millions who are Spirit-filled servants.

Lord Jesus Christ will be in Jerusalem before the end of this generation!


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I have not compromised my core values or my philosophical principles – and I remain determined to avoid compromising just to get publicity or gain a few friends for the sake of votes.

Between now and election day – 2 November 2010 – it is my hope that the 2nd phase of the rapture will take place. If Jesus delays that spiritual event for the sake of reaching more lost souls, there might be time to do good things if we proceed with the original Amerijericho plans as outlined on my web sites.

These Bible verses found in Hebrews 10:23-27 are relevant to our lives today: “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; for he is faithful that promised;  And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.”

Christians can choose to remain trapped in the wicked systems devised by Satan or they can choose to move to Amerijericho either physically or spiritually. It is our hope that “unity” would make “security” possible as we strive for “purity.” Creation of new self-sustaining lifestyles within communities dominated by good people would be better than remaining where evil people rule.

Naturally, my influence as Governor of Tennessee would make communications with political and religious leaders easier. My ability to channel the desires of God through manifestations of earthly projects would be beneficial to millions of people.

We would strive to create the first Amerijericho community prototype near Nashville. A total of 7,680 members would be selected to participate as residents for the purpose of seeking refinement before duplicating the concepts elsewhere. There would be a “Free Barter Market” situated in the center. The rules of operation would include a “digital numerical point system” designed to replace all existing “artificial” forms of exchange for goods and services.

The natural resources of this planet belong to God. We people are only caretakers and should never lay claim as owners of any part of the universe. My “five lifetime priorities” explain how decisions – personal and/or community – must be made: God is first, Planet Earth is second, followed by family, community, and nation. If we follow this ‘formula” in matters pertaining to our existence and fellowship, then each choice made will guarantee that our “self-governing” methods will remain fair, impartial, and compatible with universal laws.

Phasing our activities away from the old systems and into the new systems will require patience, persistence, and adherence to principles advocated in the teachings of Christ (Bible scholars can provide examples to confirm a correlation with suggestions  presented here and on my web sites).

Every person alive must be guaranteed a basic, modest lifestyle – no matter what reason they are not providing for themselves. “Productivity” will be made possible if resources are managed properly; “Creativity” can be instrumental in the production of goods and/or services if skills are valued for each person in a realistic way. Everything we need or want can be made, built, or grown according to supply and demand principles. Existing “junk” can be transformed into useful products if we are taught why needless clutter should not be made available.

The value of “charity” will replace the selfishness of “greed.” We will do our best to live as free spirits in a culture dedicated to servitude rather than seeking excessive wealth and power. The “value” we put on original goods we produce, and skills we provide as a service, will be determined by friends of ours who show they desire or need what is being offered.

Free Barter Market transactions must be motivated by the spirit of these words of Christ found in Matthew 19:19-21 “Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. The young man saith unto him, All these things have I kept from my youth up: what lack I yet? Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.”

Family unity in four-generation community compounds will make self-employment in family-owned enterprises possible. All factors pertaining to the creation of goods, and provision of services, will depend upon individual skills/talent to be utilized during the consumption of resources, time, and energy. A digital numerical point system will be devised in such a way as to make “accounting” of transactions and “accumulation” of points easier to manage.

There will be no “middle-man-profiteer” between makers, givers or takers. The idea of “wholesale” or “retail” to allow artificial “mark-up” of values to enrich marketplace parasites will never be an option in Amerijericho. The idea of “taxation” will be replaced with “charity” at a 10-percent rate based on personal “increase.” Our proposed society will function very productively if 90-percent are dedicated to being providers. Needy recipients of goods and services will benefit from 10-percent of gross goods and services collected/managed by Free Barter Market managers. Example: If a member makes and then takes ten chairs to barter for anything needed or wanted, one chair will go into the “free section” to enable charitable distribution. (This rule would apply to all goods made and services rendered).

The Amerijericho Free Barter Market digital numerical point system will provide for identity, transaction, and management capabilities. Issuance of “smart cards” to members will be done in a way to prevent fraud, enhance convenience, and allow for reservation of accountable assets.

Our superior hi-tech system will be interfaced with a computer network that is capable of linking communities internationally. Every aspect of motivations and implementations making ease of operations feasible under principled agreements will be advantageous to economic stability. Expansion of marketplace activities through shipment of goods will also be an important part of our endeavors in order to maintain a variety of options between producers, service providers, and consumers.

The algorithm used to transmit data, and a unique format which will specify the number of bits within the data stream will be protected through the use of implanted dual-ID numbers to substantiate authorization. Authenticated privileged-use will keep trust and security compatible with transaction auditing as we make instant confirmation accessible.

We want our advanced encryption standard to be far superior to anything presently being used commercially or otherwise. The authority for our system will remain within the jurisdiction of Advisory Council volunteers made up of various community members – selected according to our Constitutional guidelines.

Comprehensive formulations will be used to dissect variables as appropriate – “Penny=Point” ratios – which will be based upon the estimated values that are generally applied to “resources” and “time” and “skills.”

The proverbial “bottom line” for members will be “charitable” rather than “intrinsic value” when interacting with neighbors in marketplace environments. Example: One member might be inclined to trade a basket of apples for a goat or a bike. Some other member might be satisfied to trade a basket of apples for a jar of honey or maybe a bucket of rocks when dealing with a close friend or child. In other words, maintaining “friendships” will always be the most important part of honest transactions at every Amerijericho Free Barter Market.

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