The Amerijericho Homeland

People in this world who choose to follow the teachings of Christ are known by many names. Even if there was no God and no Heaven, according to atheists and many scientists, we have decided within our own hearts and minds that our "religion" is a superior "idea" for anyone who desires Truth, Love and Beauty.

People in this world who choose to follow the teachings of other religions that are contrary to our understanding of Christ are free to believe whatever is worthy of their devotion. All choices we make in life have consequences, no matter who we are. The true nature of our inner being can be seen in how we communicate, how we interact with others, how we design our lifestyles, how we perform our responsibilities, and how we set goals that we believe will confirm our values.

"Amerijericho" will only come into existence if true Christians make the choice to separate ourselves from opposing "forces." There are too many people with inferior ideas that make our preferred way of life almost impossible to experience. There are too many politically-correct rules that are contrary to common sense. Too much government interference in our lives has been negatively impacting our ideals. There are too many temptations from degenerates who have no respect for morality. If we want to seclude ourselves from contamination caused by "evil" that steals our serenity, mocks our faith, takes away our freedoms, and threatens our ability to pursue happiness, we must have the courage to voluntarily "unite" without further delay!

We "Christians" understand why the idea of entering, inhabiting and dominating Amerijericho will not be an easy thing to do. By historic standards, based on conventional thinking, our hope of creating a new "state-of-mind" nation seems ludicrous. We will not be throwing stones at people in the surrounding states. We will not be sending suicide bombers to neighboring territories or Washington DC to accomplish our objectives. We have no plans to take over the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the banks on Wall Street, Disneyland or the United Nations. Our only desire is to be left alone so we can serve God and allow Him to bless our endeavors. We believe in peaceful coexistence with those who serve secular philosophies, serve manmade traditions, or serve other "gods," but we have no desire to compromise our beliefs with anyone who habitually denigrates our way of life.

Lord Jesus Christ is our Master!

Christians believe in the peaceful pursuit of happy lifestyles. We want to promote methods by which a self-sustaining existence can be experienced. We understand why "enemies" want to stop us from accomplishing good things in our communities, but that is no reason to apologize or give up. Surrendering to those who use unethical regulations, oppressive laws or military strength rather than Love to dominate principalities is not something we should be doing. Now is the time for honesty, unity, innovation, hard work, creativity, unselfish generosity and self-reliance.

If we are going to create the "Amerijericho" homeland in a way that symbolizes "Heaven on Earth," it must be conformed to the teachings of Christ. The "Kingdom of God" within us will never be manifested on this planet until we are willing to sacrificially separate ourselves from systems controlled by the Evil One. All people who claim to be "Christians" must take the first step by faith - and then God will be there for the second step.

For the sake of clarification, if you happen to believe that your place of worship - church, community auditorium, cathedral, tent or the city park - is occupied by you and "God" for reasons that keep you happy, then imagine how great it would be if Amerijericho served the same purpose. People who gather in other places - synagogue, mosque, by a river or on a mountain - will continue to be loved and respected by each one of us even though we want to assert our right to maintain independence.

Good and evil do not mix any easier than water and oil in this world, but God loves everyone equally!

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16


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