The Amerijericho Dream

My "Seven Good Friends" project was created to motivate word-of-mouth advertising. Conceivably, it will lead to an increase in Amerjericho memberships. Christians in all nations can choose to join as either "physical" or "spiritual" participants in this movement to unite the Body of Christ - if they're willing to step over the dividing line that separates good and evil to stand with others who love and honor the God I serve.

It's my prayer that more natural disasters, plagues, wars or a total collapse of civilizations will not be necessary before more interest is shown by Christians who need to eject evil from their lives. I often empathize with Moses, a man chosen to do a great work - back before international communications became easy for folks with computers. If God had to write this message in stone for me, like He did back then for Moses, you'd probably never be told about Amerijericho due to a lack of time. If I saw you people caring more about a "golden calf" or some other idol, I'd just throw my hands up in the air and let you live like devils - if that's how you want your life to be.

Like Moses, I've had more than my share of frustration when trying to lead "unruly" people out of "Egypt" and into a better land. We seem to have too many hypocrites in this day who are following after things of this wicked world instead of taking an interest in this dream sent from Heaven. Instead of Christians making a total commitment to "community unity" in order to separate themselves from perverse lifestyles, we are witnessing too much conformity to traditions seeped in evil.

This "Amerijericho Concept" will never be transformed into any kind of reality unless Christians decide to become members!

Cynics, skeptics, unholy competitors and jealous fools have been accusing me of promoting "Amerijericho" for selfish reasons. They hesitate to pay a $12 annual fee - apparently believing I will be spending it on a fleet of limousines and mansions on every continent. This "Dream" message is being written, partly, to put unfounded fears to rest. I have no desire to drastically alter my personal lifestyle or weaken my contempt for those who make money the "god" of their lives.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, if millions of you decide to become members of the Amerijericho Free Barter Market, it will become very obvious how the "annual fees" will be used. Take a look at my web sites if you need insight into my values, my personality, my goals and dreams for the future. That is the easiest and fastest way to determine if I'm worthy of your trust and friendship. As I have often said, I might be stupid and make mistakes, but I'm smart enough to know that God and His many angels are keeping a close watch over me. And, to be perfectly blunt, I'd rather offend a million hypocrites than intentionally bring sorrow into the heart of my heavenly Father.

Let's do some reasoning: People claiming to be "Christians" are found in about 9,000 different denominations in 238 countries. Two billion people, approximately 33 percent of the world's population, are categorized among nine divisions: Anglicans, Catholics, Independents, Marginals, Orthodox, Protestants, Charismatics, Neocharismatics and Pentecostals. Sadly for God, they have divided themselves into about nine thousand different organizations for unholy reasons. The United States of America leads all other nations with about 224 million Christians - an estimated 85 percent of the population.

If 100 million Christians became members of Amerijericho, the gross income would be enough to pay the cost of operations. Processing that many memberships would not be an easy task.

$1,200,000,000 is more money than I have now and so you are probably wondering how it would be spent. Let me assure you that independent audits would be made public to make sure that millions of other Christians would have enough trust in our business practices to become members also.

Current goals under consideration: Improve and expand the Amerijericho Free Barter Market web sites/Convince Tennessee church leaders to hold a statewide revival for the purpose of symbolizing Christian unity (an idea rejected in 2005) /Assist churches who are willing to organize and present free barter markets/Purchase an apartment complex to establish modest homes and offices to serve as the Amerijericho International Headquarters/Invest in land where the first AFBM Community prototype can be constructed/Produce a reality TV show during refinement processes of the community as a way to educate viewers/Publish books, songs and video games to teach potential members why joining Amerijericho would be a marvelous way to enjoy a wholesome lifestyle... and then, friends, a few more billion dollars coming in each year will enable us to teach the "Way, Truth and Life" of Lord Jesus Christ. Turning this great "Amerijericho Dream" into reality is a challenge worthy of hard work - if we really want to experience "Heaven on Earth."

Are you willing to skip a burger or two, forget going to that new movie, fix your old shoes instead of buying a new pair or stop guzzling cola - so you can afford to pay the $12 annual fee?

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